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There are currently hundreds of songs already written and in the process of copyright and/or production.

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...I will sing and make music with all my soul.”

Psalm 108:1

Kindra In Christ's Testimony

Kindra In Christ™ has literally been called by the Lord as a Contemporary Christian Singer and Songwriter.  As of August 2018, Kindra had never written a song. It was then the Lord awoke her from a sound sleep and spoke audibly to her saying, “You will be a writer for your nation.” Since revealing His plans for her as a Contemporary Christian Singer and Songwriter, He has “downloaded” hundreds of songs. 

Through this entire experience, Kindra recognizes that she is but the pen and the Lord is the Author. "Gritty, raw, and insightful", these songs bare her soul and offer a glimpse inside the intimate dialogue between Kindra and the Lord as she has laid personal struggles and petitions at His feet. 

It wasn’t until the traumatic loss of Kindra In Christ's™ mother from a tragic car accident in April, 2016, she began to address a lifetime of habitual sins, addictions (smoking, prescription drugs, shopping, alcohol, eating disorder, and others), in addition to various mental illnesses and multiple suicide attempts. These issues were preventing her growth and fullness in Christ. As part of the healing process, the Lord called Kindra to seek His Presence and to know Him in a deeper way. 

Kindra said in an interview, "the secret to these songs is the secret place." She elaborated on this further by saying, "My songwriting has come as a result of becoming a better listener. What do I mean by this? My heart’s desire is to be an intimate friend of God. I have learned, as with any friendship, a huge part of intimacy is listening. We often pray to the Lord, but how often do we listen?" 

In becoming a more disciplined listener, Kindra In Christ™ has come to know the Lord in a more intimate and personal manner.  As He has revealed Himself to her through these songs, she has come to tenderly refer to them as the “music of His heart.” 

As Kindra In Christ™ has surrendered more of her life and will to the Lord, God has blessed her both by knowing Him better and getting to know who she is in Him. In fact, this journey of discovering her identity in our Lord actually resulted in her first song entitled "Who I Am In You". 

Kindra In Christ™ states that her hope and prayer is "that each song, above all, will bring glory to God. I also pray that these songs will bring comfort, healing, and encouragement to all of my listeners."

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Frisco, Texas – February 19, 2019 – It can often take an artist years to write enough songs for an album. Not Kindra In Christ™. After hearing the call of God on her life as a Contemporary Christian singer and songwriter just six (6) months ago, she has written hundreds of songs. Many of these songs have been released as singles and additional songs are in production and scheduled for distribution throughout 2019, and beyond to be included in future albums. 

It is easy to understand why Kindra In Christ™ refers to these songs as the “music of God’s heart.” The raw and vulnerable lyrics share a story of a broken heart seeking its healing and redemption in Jesus Christ. In combination with the poignant music and pure vocals, this music offers a piercing and inspirational testimony to the grace of God in her life. Through these songs, Kindra In Christ™ bears witness to the healing and forgiveness offered by Jesus Christ to any who will accept His free gift of salvation and grace. 

Kindra In Christ™ is not afraid to “get her hands dirty” by dealing candidly and honestly with personal issues in her music. Her hope and prayer are that this music will build a bridge between her listeners and the hope offered through Jesus Christ – hope that she herself has personally experienced. 

After losing her mother in a tragic car accident in April of 2016, she reached a crossroads. Up until that point, Kindra In Christ™ had battled a lifetime of addictions, in addition to several mental health issues. Through the loss of her mother, Kindra In Christ™ turned to her Father – her heavenly Father. Once the “perpetual prodigal”, Kindra In Christ™ now has a heart to see other “wanderers” return to the loving arms of their heavenly Father, and a sincere desire to see lost souls come to Christ. 

Kindra In Christ is a Contemporary Christian singer-songwriter who has hundreds of songs in Production and in the process of Copyright and will be released throughout the year. 

Kindra In Christ™ Contemporary Christian Singer and Songwriter

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Articles and Other "Stuff"

1) Interview with Kindra In Christ and REVIVAL Music Group on August 8, 2021


2) Appeared on "Women of Substance" podcast on July 18, 2021.

Kindra In Christ is the only Singer/Songwriter to appear with two (2) songs in this original podcast to include, "Naked and Unashamed" and "I Wear These Wounds for You".  


3) An Interview with Kindra in Christ Contemporary Christian Singer and Songwriter Conducted by Music Buzz Online on January 18, 2021 

 Music Buzz Online Overview:

“Among the Broken, to the Broken”. Kindra In Christ is a Contemporary Christian Singer and Songwriter that hopes and prays “that each song, above all, will bring glory to God. I also pray that these songs will bring comfort, healing, and encouragement to all of my listeners.” 

Kindra In Christ has written hundreds of songs with many having already been produced in Nashville, TN and available to download on her website and a variety of music platforms. Most of her songs, however, are in the process of copyright and/or production. In other words,… stay “tuned” for a lot more to come!

Where are you based? 
Tulsa, Oklahoma 

How long have you been making music? 
About three (3) years 

What genre would you consider your music to be? 
Contemporary Christian Music 

What inspired you to pursue a career in music? 
I believe that the Lord has placed a calling on my life as a Christian singer and songwriter 

What are your biggest musical influences? 
Along with many Christian artists, including Lauren Daigle, Plumb, and MercyMe, etc., Psalms has been, and continues to be, a major source of inspiration for my songs 

Are you signed to a label or are you an independent artist? 
I am currently an unsigned independent artist working with REVIVAL Music Group 

What have been the biggest challenges in your music career? 
Being a Christian artist in a predominantly secular industry has proven to have its own unique set of challenges 

How many songs or albums have you released to date? 
We have currently released thirteen (13) songs and are in the process of copyright and/or production for additional songs 

Can you tell us a few things about your latest release? 
My latest release is entitled “Your Unfailing Love (Won’t Fail Me)”, and includes a lyric video utilizing a unique format 

Any plans for new music or upcoming projects we should know about? 
I am always in the process of writing new songs, but I am also planning to include additional lyric videos for existing songs. 


4) An Interview with Kindra in Christ Contemporary Christian Singer and Songwriter Conducted by Profiles In Catholicism Magazine on Dec 10, 2018 by Gordon Nary  

Gordon: We interview people of many faiths, just to let our readers know that you are not Catholic. Were you raised in a particular religion?  

Kindra: I was raised non-denominational, and after accepting Jesus Christ as my Savior at an early age, I quickly learned that faith is not about a religion, but a relationship with Jesus Christ. Denominations are man-made, and it is easy to get distracted by the differences, instead of focusing on what unites us as Believers – and that is Jesus Christ. Your invitation to interview me is an embodiment of the unity that should occur among the fellowship of believers; it must be about faith, not factions.  

Gordon: What inspired you to be a Contemporary Christian Songwriter?  

Kindra: For me, it has not been a matter of what, but Who – my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He is the heartbeat of my life and of these songs. I have always loved Christian music, and for me, it has been such an important, and pivotal, lifeline to God. Even at my most desperate times, when I was unable to read the Bible or pray, I would listen to Christian music, and offer it up as a personal prayer to the Lord. It has kept me connected to Him in a tangible way, and He has always brought such comfort to me from it.  

Gordon: Song can be a prayer when it is used to praise and communicate with God. What elements in music for you, do you believe have a spiritual subtext ? 

Kindra: My songwriting has come as a result of becoming a better listener. What do I mean by this? My heart’s desire is to be an intimate friend of God. I have learned that, as with any friendship, a huge part of intimacy is listening. We often pray to the Lord, but how often do we listen? For me, this was a huge deficiency in my relationship with the Lord. As I have become a more disciplined listener, and started to faithfully practice Psalm 46:10, “Be still and know that I am God,” this stillness has resulted in God speaking His heart to me through music. Not only have I been blessed in getting to know Him more intimately, but I have also been blessed so much by what He has shared with me of His heart. Currently, this has resulted in over 50 songs at various stages of development and copyright. My hope and prayer are that, in and through this music, others will also be blessed by what He has shared.  

Gordon: What was the first song that you wrote and what inspired it ?  

Kindra: The first song that I wrote was “Who I am in You.” For much of my life, I have lived as a chameleon, trying to adapt to the surrounding people or environment; I have wrestled so much with seeking the approval of others. This led to many sinful choices and addictions. It also, unfortunately, prevented me from forming a solid identity. I spent most of my life never knowing who I was, and more importantly, who God had created me to be. As I have matured in intimacy and fellowship with the Lord, He has begun to reveal to me my unique identity in Jesus Christ. 2 Corinthians 5:17 speaks poignantly to this Truth: “Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!” This song was written, as all my songs are, as a conversation between the Lord and me. It is a love song, expressing that through Jesus Christ, I have discovered my identity – it is “Who I am in You”, the You meaning Jesus.  

Gordon: What do you consider your most spiritual song and why?  

Kindra: In all honesty, I would say all of them! God has blessed me with so many beautiful songs, but I am simply God’s mouthpiece; these are His songs. He has literally chosen to use me as His instrument, and I am so grateful and blessed because of this. However, each and every one of these songs is the music of His heart. Because of this, they are equally worshipful and precious.  

Gordon: Who are some or you favorite Contemporary Christian songwriters and why?  

Kindra: Boy, that is a toughie! I grew up with Amy Grant and Michael W. Smith, and their music stirred a passion within me at a very young age. Various Contemporary Christian artists have spoken to me in special and unique ways at different points in my life, depending upon the specific issues I was facing at the time. However, I have always connected personally with Plumb’s music because we have a very similar story in certain ways. Just as she has, I have struggled throughout my life with depression and anxiety. I personally relate to her struggles, and greatly appreciate the vulnerability that she expresses in her music; it is so refreshingly honest! The tone of my songs is very similar in that I “wear my heart on my sleeve” in the messages. I want listeners to be able to connect with, and personally encounter, the grace of Jesus Christ, as I have, no matter what they are facing or what they have done. This is the message of the Cross; this is the message of Jesus Christ; and this is the intended message of my music.  

Gordon: Thank you for a great Interview ! 

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