"He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God..." - Psalm 40:3

Kindra In Christ's Testimony

Kindra In Christ has literally been called by the Lord as a Contemporary Christian Singer and Songwriter.  As of August 2018, Kindra had never written a song. It was then the Lord awoke her from a sound sleep and spoke audibly to her saying, “You will be a writer for your nation.” Since revealing His plans for her as a Contemporary Christian Singer and Songwriter, He has “downloaded” hundreds of songs. 

Through this entire experience, Kindra recognizes that she is but the pen and the Lord is the Author. "Gritty, raw, and insightful", these songs bare her soul and offer a glimpse inside the intimate dialogue between Kindra and the Lord as she has laid personal struggles and petitions at His feet. 

It wasn’t until the traumatic loss of Kindra In Christ's mother from a tragic car accident in April, 2016, she began to address a lifetime of habitual sins, addictions (smoking, prescription drugs, shopping, alcohol, eating disorder, and others), in addition to various mental illnesses and multiple suicide attempts. These issues were preventing her growth and fullness in Christ. As part of the healing process, the Lord called Kindra to seek His Presence and to know Him in a deeper way. 

Kindra said in an interview, "the secret to these songs is the secret place." She elaborated on this further by saying, "My songwriting has come as a result of becoming a better listener. What do I mean by this? My heart’s desire is to be an intimate friend of God. I have learned, as with any friendship, a huge part of intimacy is listening. We often pray to the Lord, but how often do we listen?" 

In becoming a more disciplined listener, Kindra In Christ has come to know the Lord in a more intimate and personal manner.  As He has revealed Himself to her through these songs, she has come to tenderly refer to them as the “music of His heart.” 

As Kindra In Christ has surrendered more of her life and will to the Lord, God has blessed her both by knowing Him better and getting to know who she is in Him. In fact, this journey of discovering her identity in our Lord actually resulted in her first song entitled "Who I Am In You". 

Kindra In Christ states that her hope and prayer is "that each song, above all, will bring glory to God. I also pray that these songs will bring comfort, healing, and encouragement to all of my listeners."